Mission Statement

Saint Mary’s College Dance Marathon, a small school with a big heart, raises funds and awareness FOR THE KIDS of Riley Hospital for Children by: Engaging our campus and community. Supporting our Riley families. Celebrating life’s victories and new hope.

SMCDM raises money and awareness for the children at Riley Hospital, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, through year round events, fundraisers, and personal giving efforts that all culminate into our big 12 hour marathon event in the spring.

Since our creation in 2005, Saint Mary’s Dance Marathon has raised over $700,000 for the children and families at Riley Hospital.

Meet Our Riley Kids

Cecil Meyer

Cecil Meyer was born in 2013. At 3 months old, Cecil had trouble breathing and developed a very red and cold arm. One morning, Cecil’s parents rushed him to his paediatrician to try to relieve his wheezing with nebuliser treatment. Nothing was working, so they sent Cecil to Riley. The doctors at Riley found a large tumour that blocked his trachea. With a displaced heart and trachea, Cecil’s little body grew around his tumor. The doctors discovered that Cecil had a form of cancer called Neuroblastoma. In Cecil’s 7 to 9 months of life, he went through four rounds of chemotherapy. On May 27, 2014 Cecil had open heart surgery to remove his tumor. Cecil’s parents had faith in the doctors at Riley on this day. The timor was successfully removed and thankfully Cecil is CANCER FREE! Today, Cecil is a happy and healthy boy. We are so thankful to have this strong and brave boy as one of our Riley Kids.

Kristopher Kauffman

Kristopher Kauffman was adopted by Susan and Michael Kauffman in 2001. Due to drinking and smoking complications with his biological mother, Kristopher was born 3 months premature with severe medical issues. He had muscle weakness, a vision issue called Congenital Nystagmus, and fetal alcohol syndrome. At six months old, Kristopher was not meeting the milestones he should be. So, they enrolled him in a program called First Steps, where he had physical, developmental, occupational, and speech therapy every week. 

At Riley, Kristopher had to get plastic surgery on his feet so that he could get shoes on to start walking. The doctors at Riley also talked to the Kauffmans about growth hormones and his vision issues. Kristopher had eye surgery at the end of September and they are waiting to see if it was successful. Although he still struggles physically and developmentally, Kristopher is making great strides and never gives up.

The Kauffmans are extremely grateful for Riley. “Because of the wonderful care and support from the doctor’s at Riley Hospital, our sons have been allowed to grow into the happy and healthy young men they are today.”

Countdown to SMCDM 2017

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