Dance for a day. Give hope for a lifetime.

Dance Marathon is a national student-run organization hosted by hundreds of colleges to benefit their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. At Saint Mary’s College Dance Marathon (SMCDM) we support Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Riley provides medical treatment for critically or chronically ill children, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Throughout the year we are fundraising through EMX sales and events, culminating our year with the big event, our twelve-hour Marathon on Saturday April 7, 2018.

SMCDM first began in 2005, when some passionate women began the first Dance Marathon organization on campus and held their first marathon in 2006. Since then, we have raised thousands of dollars for kids at Riley. Our contribution to Riley makes Saint Mary’s College a recognized national spokesperson for Dance Marathon. In 2011, a room in the newly opened Riley Hospital Simon Family Tower was named in honor of Saint Mary’s students’ passionate efforts to raise money year after year.

History of Saint Mary's Dance Marathon


SMC-DM was founded at Saint Mary’s College. In its first year it raised over $21,047.42 and was named the Best New Dance Marathon


In its second year, the Marathon more than doubled its total and raised $47,129.60.


Saint Mary’s/Notre Dame/Holy Cross community raised $85,296.33 and was named the National Incentive Winner for Dance Marathon’s nationwide. This made Saint Mary’s Dance Marathon the national spokesman for Dance Marathons.


Saint Mary’s increased yet again and raised $91,538.24 and had 400 dancers participate in the 12-hour Marathon.


The Saint Mary’s/Notre Dame/Holy Cross community raised $77,328.72 and has made over $300,000 in just 5 years


SMC-DM raised an astounding $63,248.56 for Riley Hospital for Children


SMC-DM raised $104,374.83 during the 12-hour long marathon!


$86,765.70 was raised for the children at Riley Hospital


In its 10th year since DM came to Saint Mary’s campus, $90,322.94 was raised during the incredible 12-hour marathon.


SMC-DM raised an amazing $104,352.58 for the children at Riley.


In 2017, SMC-DM raised the most they have in all of SMC-DM history by raising an amazing $133,363.12!!