The Saint Mary’s College Dance Marathon Alumnae group connects dance marathon alumnae throughout the year, so that we can continue to support the current Executive Board to raise funds for Riley Hospital! The dance marathon spirit is something we hold onto past college, so if you are an alumna looking to stay connected, please email Maureen Parsons, at, to sign up for the email list. Make sure to like the Saint Mary’s Dance Marathon Alumnae page on Facebook to stay up to date on all things FTK! We are always looking for new ways to support SMCDM and the amazing families at Riley Hospital for Children.

A Message From Our Alumnae...

Shay brought Dance Marathon to Saint Mary’s campus and was club advisor for the first ever executive board.

Shay Jolly ('05)

“Dance Marathon is a sign of strength…strength of these children we dance for…strength of our Saint Mary’s students to see a need and fulfill it! I was lucky enough to advise those first, brave, SMC Women who brought it to campus and I am lucky to be back to see what it has grown into! An absolutely phenomenal event, led by amazing women, helping extraordinary children! FTK!”

Nora Clougherty ('15)

“For me, dance marathon was more than just raising money for a hospital. It was standing up and dancing for those who couldn’t. It was a way to do something greater than myself and share and get everyone I could involved FOR THE KIDS”

Nora Clougherty was the catering executive and won Executive of the Year her senior year.